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Østerbro Dental Clinic
Lene Juel Jensen

Right by Trianglen in Østerbro

A warm and friendly dental clinic located in the heart of Østerbro. We place great priority in making sure you feel safe and comfortable every time you go to the dentist. That's why, you can always expect to be received and treated by your personal dentist, Lene.



• Dental surveys & check ups

• Dental cleaning

• Periodontal treatments

• X-rays

• Fillings

• Crowns & bridges

• Root canal treatments

• Prostheses (full and partial)

• Teeth whitening

• Simple surgeries such as tooth extraction

• Bite adjustment treatments

Surveys, check ups, cleaning, periodontal treatments, x-rays and small fillings in front teeth are priced according to standard rates set by the Danish Health System. You can see a list of prices here (Danish).

Payment options: Mobilepay, cash and card. For larger treatments, pay agreements can be arranged for a small fee. If you are a member of Danmark insurance, please let us know. We will automatically settle your bill with them on completion of your treatment.

Dental Anxiety

We are specialists at dealing with dental anxiety. The clinic has been set up as a calm, friendly environment where you are treated by the same dentist each time. 

The process is not rushed, and we take the time to fully explain treatments and prices before starting and make sure you feel completely comfortable at all times.


"Lene is undoubtedly the best dentist I've ever had. She's good, honest and has a great sense of humor :) I've also heard from others that Lene is really good if you usually get nervous at the dentist."

- Maija


Opening Hours

Monday: 10 - 16
Tuesday: 8:30 - 15:30
Wednesday: 9 - 15
Thursday: 10 - 18

We also provide free, no-obligation consultations where we can assess what treatments you may need. 


Parking: Parking is available around Ryesgade, Blegdamsvej og Nørre Allé. Bus lines 1A, 3A and 14 stop at Trianglen. 

Tel: 24 21 02 36


Østerbrogade 29, 1 t.h. 2100 København Ø

(Right by Trianglen in Østerbro)

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